Sunday, 14 February 2016

Are you investing in your own career?

As developers we are in an interesting, potentially unique, industry where the bar for entry is extremely low. A large proportion of the population have access to computers / internet and many of the popular languages / IDE's are free. In fact you can start your development career with just a browser and notepad/textedit, learning HTML/CSS and Javascript and extending to Node/Angular and many other JS frameworks.

This low bar of entry continues throughout the technology range for all levels of developer. Microsoft have provided a totally free version of Visual Studio (and now Code) for .NET. For Java there is Eclipse and JetBrains now provide a community version of IntelliJ for free. With a Mac and iOS device or Mac/PC and an Android device it's possible to learn mobile development; with fantastic online documentation / example code and numerous blog articles all for free. It's even possible to subscribe to various online training providers (such as Pluralsight). There are also community events, locally to the Brighton area I've been to Brighton Alt.NET and Brighton Mobile Meetup but a Google search will probably turn up loads near you.

So in this day and age it has never been easier to learn, either to start out or stay on top of our game. Are you investing in your own career?

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