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nLog - Updating ExceptionLayoutRenderer to capture “Exception.Data”

Something that appears to be missing from many logging frameworks is the ability to log/report the “data” collection of any thrown exceptions. I originally encountered this issue with log4net, and have recently found nLog appears to be lacking the same desired functionality. As our current project looks like it will be switching to using nLog I’ve had a dig around in the source code to see how easily this functionality can be added.Basically for a quick and dirty solution the desired functionality can be added by adding the following function to the class “ExceptionLayoutRenderer”:private static void AppendData(StringBuilder sb, Exception ex) { var separator = string.Empty; foreach (var key in ex.Data.Keys) { sb.Append(separator); sb.AppendFormat("{0}: {1}", key, ex.Data[key]); separator = " "; } } And the referencing this new function inside the “switch” statement of “CompileFormat”:case"DATA": dataTargets.Add(AppendData); break; Finally to use this new functionality…