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Saying yes to one thing is saying no to something else!

The one bit of advice I wish I'd received much earlier in my career is:Saying yes to one thing means that you are always saying no to something else!It seems pretty obvious when you think about it, as time is finite. So every little task you take on, is consuming a part of that finite resource. When you're starting out, you're probably 'time rich / cash poor' which is probably the worst combination as it almost always rewards taking too much on. You've got more time and you're still learning, so over committing a little won't hurt surely? The worst possible thing then probably happens, you're rewarded for your efforts with promotion and salary increases.....and the beginnings of a bad habit is quickly formed / re-enforced.In the beginning you are probably saying no to your leisure time:- I really want to get this done and I'd only be sitting at home and it's only this once / small thing. Slowly, as your career develops, you'll most…