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Humanitarian Toolbox Codeathon - 20th January 2018

Firstly, I'm a bit late to the party with my blog article, both Steve (the event organiser) and Dave / Dan (a couple of the attendees) have written great articles that can be found here:Steve GordonDave MateerDan ClarkeSo back to my story regarding the event. I first heard about the codeathon from Steve via the .NET South East Meetup, which he also organises. Steve's a prolific contributor to the HTBox Allready project and I'd been wanting to have a go since hearing him do a quick talk at a Brighton ALT.NET show and tell session. Having not contributed to any open source projects, I must admit that it all seemed a little overwhelming. Even looking through the open issue list on GitHub, it seemed hard to find a starting point.So one evening after signing up to the codeathon, armed with the install documentation, I started my Humanitarian Toolbox journey. I found these instructions really well written / easy to follow, I was up and running surprisingly quickly. I did run …

Coaching at Brighton Code Bar

Last week I finally got around to coaching at Brighton Code Bar, something I've been meaning to do for at least a year or so now (and apologies for taking so long).If, like me, you've been considering this but have worried about what you can contribute, then please just volunteer and don't worry. The sessions are really well organised and the students either looking for help with following the tutorials or feedback / advice with their own projects. The organisers make sure that every student is matched to a coach with relevant experience / confidence to be able to help. For my first session I was helping someone just starting out with Javascript, take a look at the Javascript first lesson. If that looks too scary there are usually students also looking for help starting out with HTML (this is the first HTML tutorial).Personally, I'm looking forward to helping out with a few more sessions (I've signed up to coach at the session this Tuesday) following the tuto…