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Review of 2018 / Looking forward to 2019

Wow - looking back over my posts, my last review of the year was in 2013. Interestingly it feels like I've just had a very similar year and I'm feeling excited about 2019, the same way that I was for 2014!During the course of 2018 I've had 4 roles in 3 different companies - no wonder it feels like a long year!!! Over the past 5 years, the role I started back in 2013 had grown and changed beyond recognition through several acquisitions. Whilst I'd been looking around for a while, a role change at the beginning of the year highlighted that it was time to move on. Unbeknown to me, the company joined over the summer was undergoing some quite large organisational changes itself whilst I was working out my notice. As a result of those changes I joined a role that really didn't bare much resememblence to what I was expecting. As luck would have it, catching up with a former manager resulted in my current role, which I'm now 2 months into.I've joined an Europe…