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First Speaking Gig

Last week, Wednesday 20th Feb, I presented at the Brighton Web Development Meet-up. My talk was an introduction on using Selenium WeDriver, starting out with the basics, leading into introducing the page object model and finishing with an example on how to use a single suite of tests on multiple websites. The demo code and slide deck can be found on my GitHub account. The room was pretty packed with about 25-30 people and a 50/50 mix of developers/testers. I was quite pleased that I didn't lose anyone as the demos are very C# heavy and only a handful of the attendees had .NET experience.Previously I have presented a 15 minute lightning talk at a development show and tell evening (video here) but this was the first time I've presented a proper talk for an evening - it's a shame that the presentation wasn't recorded as it would have been good to see the difference between the two. A lot has changed over the past 8 years and I think I've built more confidence, i…