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Solving technical debt - Aligning the direction

The first step to solving technical debt has to be for the business and technical teams to have a common, agreed direction for the product(s). To determine the right direction, the team will need a 'map' - this is generally the company vision, which should come from the senior management team/board.Only with a clear direction to measure their progress against, can they be sure that they're all aligned and how far along the path they are. Sure, 'Widget ABC' or 'Product XYZ' might contain lots of technical debt, but with an agreed direction, everyone can identify whether the time spent resolving any debt in a particular area takes them down the right path, or that they should concentrate their efforts elsewhere.Ask any business (involved in software product development) to list their biggest problems; not having enough capacity to get everything done will probably be right up there. Ask any technical team to list their biggest problems and they'll proba…

Building a personal website

I've picked up my own .dev domain and have set up a very basic website at: The site is hosted in Azure and I've set up continous integration/deployment up in DevOps pipelines. As well as scratching that itch of creating my own website, something I've been talking about for a while, it will allow me to learn more about various Azure technologies. This is part of my plan to look into becoming a certified Azure Architect.I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep the site up and running because it's currently using the free first month, to have both custom domains and SSL certificates you need to use a production instance of a web application, which costs at least £50 per month. It will be a good experiment for a while but won't be able to justify that cost on-going. Hopefully I'll either find a cheaper way of hosting it or a way to make it pay for itself.